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As we face the variety of situations that occur every day, our bodies prepare us by releasing certain hormones in the moment to help us adapt appropriately.

The hormone Cortisol is released in response to situations where an alert mind and quick energy boost are needed, such as when we wake up in the morning or exercise throughout the day. But Cortisol isn’t just a quick pick-me-up– more importantly, it is released by our bodies in times of stress.

Cortisol provides an immediate energy boost by utilizing stored glucose from our muscles, as well as triggering the creation of new glucose, and redirecting energy in the systems of the body to the ones most necessary in times of duress. -Without adequate time to recover, hormone levels remain elevated– Over time, the excess glucose in our system can cause irregularities in blood sugar levels and insulin production. Continuously tapping our body’s energy reserves causes our muscles and bones to break down, as glucose and amino acids are repeatedly pulled from them for quick sources of energy.

The “unnecessary” functions from which energy is diverted are suppressed in times of stress. If this occurs for a long period of time, our immune and reproductive systems (amongst others) are considerably weakened, leading to heightened susceptibility to illness and hormonal imbalances.
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