To The Top Fitness: Bicep Curl & Ketosis

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In the fitness industry, there is no one way to skin a cat. Your body is unique, growing muscle and getting lean can be attained through many different methods. Here is the method that I’ve preached for the last 6 years that has worked on my body and on over 100 clients.

There are many different ways to become leaner, and in my numerous years of experience in the fitness world, I’ve seen amazing body transformations with many different diets and ways of arranging the macro-nutrients.
The diet I’ve seen the most success with personally to both burn body fat and grow lean muscle mass is the ketogenic diet, also known as the low-carb diet.

There are three major components in trying to drop body fat or stabilize your blood sugar levels, decrease your chances of diabetes, or try to treat/cure diabetes!

1. Glucose levels
2. Your Body’s Capacity to Utilize or Burn Sugars (i.e. Glucose)
3. Ketone Bodies

Getting your body into ketosis means there is a limited exogenous (sources outside of the body) supply of glucose. In this state, your liver breaks down fat stores into ketone bodies as an energy source!

Americans often pick glucose (i.e. carbohydrates) for their energy source because of a lack of proper nutrition education. Carbohydrates are just so easy and accessible to eat! It’s true that glucose is a molecule of energy
and induces the release of insulin, which is an essential hormone for growth; however, excessive insulin release, especially at the inappropriate times, can lead to diseases such as Diabetes. Fats, on the other hand, have no
insulin response in your body can be used as fuel and helping your body burn fat and give you energy!

Of course, carbohydrates aren’t always bad, and there are times that you can effectively utilize sugars, such as after your workout. It’s also important to be mindful of what types of fats you are putting into your body and the number of calories that you are intaking vs burning, but as a whole, I believe in the science behind ketosis and the transformative effects it can have on a physique as well as one’s health.

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